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Stalker is a desktop application for tracking and analysing cellphone transactions. It is successfully serving a Government body in Uttar Pradesh.

Stalker and are specialised security software, available for sale only to Govt. departments. is an online application for mapping coordinates and cellular network towers in India. This is used in integration with the Stalker desktop application to track and analyse cellphone transactions.

Patient Datastore is an online application that manages patient information and discharge summary. This gives immediate access to patient data and helps improve speed in discharging medical care and hospital administration.

Power Maps Application is an online mapping application to map power-lines, routes, transformers of various capacities and calculate the length of low tension and high tension power lines, along with other specifics.

edaX Application is a college management and accounts software to streamline student data and financial accounting, inclusive of fee deposit status, defaulter-list, etc.

HR Connect Application is a compact, online human resource management software for corporates which includes leave management, salary and tour advances.

Tender Bidding Application is an online tender management system that facilitates tender posting, vendor sign up, bid request, comparison and acceptance of bids.

Perfume Genie is designed for production management in the fragrance industry. It takes care of product configuration, costing, supply and capacity requirement planning, scheduling, shop floor, analytic reports and graphs. It provides multi-level user access and multi-branch connectivity with a super-secure database.

A business solution for cargo companies, Cargo Sync's forte is automatic billing, accounting, bar-coding and online courier tracking system. The analytic reports and graphs keep the top management informed, all the time.

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