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Test Center for Online CAT, GMAT, UPSC, CLAT 

This Online Test Center is to empower students and coaching institutes for CAT, GMAT, UPSC and CLAT.

Test Center Online

Benefits of using Test Center Online

  • Test Formats:
  • Simple Test ( No time Limit)
  • Timed Test (Time limit)
  • Timed Segment Test (Different sections will be timed individually)
  • Test Structure: The tests will be multiple choice (single correct answer among multiple options)
  • Fixed Tests: Test will be designed by Test Center Admin and will appear as it is for students.
  • Question bank based Tests: A Runtime test will be generated as per the requirements (with option of selecting the test settings)
  • Test categories:
  • Full Length Tests: Will be of full length as per the examination norms.
  • Chapter Tests or Unit tests: Will cover questions on one chapter.
  • Block tests: Will cover questions from 2-3 chapters.
  • Section tests or Subject Tests: Will cover questions from whole subjects or sections.
  • Test Settings: Test Center Admin can define the settings for the various categories of tests and generate new tests from question bank based on the settings.
  • Test Open/ Close date: the tests can be available for a fixed duration of time. They will be unavailable for the taking before or/and after the given dates.
  • Show Analysis: this option enables whether the user can see the detailed analysis straight after the test, or will it be available after the test date is finished.
  • Generate Percentiles
  • Test Reporting: these will include various analysis reports both for the admin and users separately as per the authorization level
  • Test Results
  • Test Analysis (brief and detailed)
  • Number of Tests Taken
  • Average Percentile
  • Peak Time for Tests
  • Response Time Analysis
  • Difficult Topics Analysis
  • Tags: Tests can be tagged based on Topic, Skill level, Chapters, Block, Sections, etc.
  • Authorised Login:
  • Test Center Admin
  • Student
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